Need to rent a Fusion Machine for your next HDPE project?

Why Hire!

  • High Country Fusion provides reliable and dependable equipment ensuring safe operation and reduced down time.
  • Increase your capabilities with our hire fleet machinery.
  • Keep your men working while your equipment is out of service.
  • All of our machines are constantly maintained to be in the best condition possible including electrical, hydraulic, facer, heater and much more.

So what are you waiting for?
Rent quality McElroy Equipment today to ensure your job is completed quickly and safely.
Contact High Country Fusion to learn more about our available machines, and to get a quote for your next HDPE project.

Look no further than High Country Fusion!

We know Fusion, and we have one of the largest and most diverse sets of fusion machine fleets available today. Our goal is to offer our customers great rates, top quality machines and the best overall service in the industry.
There are plenty of rental fusion machines in the marketplace, but how do you know if your next rental machine is properly maintained and ready to perform?


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